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Our landscaping company, Jonia's Landscaping, was established in 2017, and with 19 years of experience, our residential and commercial customers have excellence in the bag! If you live in and around the Vineyard Haven, MA area and need high-quality results and care – we’re the people for you!

You Deserve Our Free Estimates

Everyone deserves to know what they’re paying for retained services. There is no difference when you work with a landscaping contractor from the company. You should know how much time it will take – give or take, depending on the job, and you should have a rough estimate of what everything will cost. We’ll be calm and comfortable when you know. We’ll work better. A weight will be lifted once you agree to the amount and we get started. Then, we can focus on what’s important – the beauty of your landscape and how exceptional every detail will be!

Our License Says It AllĀ 

Our license speaks volumes about our professionalism. Your landscaping needs will be handled by the finest contractors! That starts with a legitimate license. It continues with skills we’ve refined through the years and ends with you getting all the care you want for your landscape! Our process is simple, and you will be privy to every detail if you wish. We are open and honest with our customers. We work diligently and focus our attention on your landscape until the end!

Call Jonia's Landscaping at (774) 298-4364 and request to work with a brilliant landscaping contractor! All you can do is relay all your ideas and wait for us to get started. Your property in Vineyard Haven, MA will be in excellent hands. That’s guaranteed!

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